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    Indulge in the ultimate stress relief with our exquisite bar, a fusion of the uplifting scent of spearmint and the calming embrace of eucalyptus. Crafted to be a sensory sanctuary, this bar transcends ordinary cleansing, creating a moment of tranquility for your body and mind. Take a moment to inhale deeply, letting the stress-relieving properties of eucalyptus work their magic on your senses. Feel the cooling sensation of spearmint as it invigorates your skin, providing a moment of rejuvenation in your daily routine.


    • Distilled Water
    • Olive Oil
    • Coconut Oil
    • Avocado Oil
    • Sodium Hydroxide*
    • Shea Butter
    • Castor Oil
    • Mango Butter
    • Essential Oils
    • French Green Clay

    *None remains in bar after soap making process

    Each bar of soap is approximately 4.5 oz. Product color and design/patterns may vary slightly from the image.