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Daily Routine Gift Box - Soap • Shampoo Bar • Face & Body Bar • Exfoliate — Bella & Oliver Soap Co.

Bella & Oliver Soap Co.

Daily Routine Box

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Daily Routine Box includes:

Your Choice Of Soap 4.5oz
Choose one soap from our entire collection of standard bars (see above). 

Shampoo Bar 3.5oz
Ditch all those plastic bottles with our popular Shampoo Bar. The lather is sooo luxurious. Added avocado oil, shea butter, and vitamin E will leave your hair soft and smooth. Tea Tree oil's natural antiseptic properties help reduce itching, while fighting dandruff. It actually helps unclog hair follicles and nourish your roots. Combined with peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils, you'll feel a refreshing and tingling effect on your scalp.

Face & Body Bar 3.5oz + Exfoliating Pad
Nourish and protect your skin with this naturally moisturizing solid bar that is designed to cleanse and purify dull complexions. Added bentonite clay removes excess oil from the skin's surface that helps treat acne and calms inflammation from breakouts. This bar also contains biodegradable walnut shell powder naturally exfoliates the skin without being overly abrasive. Packed with extra moisturizing butters and oils with antioxidant properties to promote healthy skin cells and rejuvenation to prevent skin damage. Lightly scented with rosemary and bergamot essential oils.

Comes with one 3.5" exfoliating pad. Just wet and apply soap, then gently scrub your skin for the ultimate clean.

Exfoliating Soap Pouch
Help that fresh bar of soap last longer — use this natural ramie fiber mesh soap pouch! Save your soap and instantly add an exfoliating experience to any bar. The added drawstring allows you to easily hang the bag to dry.

Farmhouse Soap Dish – Box Exclusive
Help that fresh bar of soap last longer — use a slotted soap dish. This farmhouse-style soap dish allows your soap to drain properly. Letting soap dry completely between uses will extend the life of a bar.


Each bar of soap is approximately 4.5 oz. Products color and design/patterns may vary slightly from the image.